Games Released in 2018 - Unreleased Projects



Made for a two person game jam between me and my boyfriend, Kyren. We decided to make a game in a weekend based around the theme "Outnumbered/Two of the Same." Roses&Hearts is about a gardener attempting to leave their greenhouse but must use their blood to feed to roses to make copies of themself to solve puzzles. This was my first honest attempt at a puzzle game.

[Z] / [ENTER] - Interact
[X] - Cancel
Arrow Keys - Move

Available to play in-browser on the page, or downloads available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Kyren's game, deux is also available here to download.

recording (4).gif


Back in 2015, I played the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and I had an amazing experience with it. Immediately after finishing that game, I started playing the original Legend of Zelda for NES. Since then, I've lingered on the feeling I had while playing the original game for the first time. "dust" is a game about that feeling and my attempt to communicate an emotion that's been very difficult for me to understand.

Arrow keys - Move
Touch objects of interest to interact with them.

Available to play in your web browser.

There are four different endings to get depending on your actions.


Haunted Corny Maize

A short game about exploring a corn maze and finding various monster girls stuck in the maze that require assistance for them to be able to leave. Features all original monster women characters that I've made over the years but had no place to use. Help them solve their problems and maybe they'll treat you to a date!

[Z] or left click - interact
[X] or right click - open the menu

Various endings depending on which girl you decide to help!

Game can be bought for free but recommended purchase of $3

boxer spider.gif

Thieves of the Immortal Castle (In development)

The adventure of a tar monster named Noa and a treasure hunter named Diwa as they try to explore the mysterious "Immortal Castle" in search of what riches might be found there.

Follow the development on my game dev blog from the button below!


Escavade (In development)

King decides to visit his family in the Octopalm Islands out of the blue... Suddenly he and three others are thrust into a battle against a dangerous entity that wants to destroy the peaceful islands from the inside!

Follow the development on my game dev blog from the button below!