Games Released in 2017


My Bitter Paranoia

Made for Day Dream Bitsy Jam.

A short game explaining my affliction with paranoia as it's related to monsters and horror stories.

Controls are arrow keys or mouse, interact with objects by touching them.

Playable in browser.


Onohi Demo

Created for Yume Nikki Dream Diary Jam 2017, which aims to create a Yume Nikki fangame within it's anniversary month.

My game resulted in a demo featured around a girl named Maka as she enters her dreams and becomes her idealized self, but is pursued by strange creatures with ever staring eyes.

Only 1 world, 1 subworld, 1 collectable, and 1 event. 
All can be completed in under 15 minutes.

[Z] - interact
[X]- open menu/cancel
Arrow Keys- move

Go to bed to dream. Go to notebook to save. Go to skills to wake up.

Download available for Windows and Mac.


Nigredo Demo

My senior project at MCAD. The game is a demo which is a part of an ongoing project in an attempt to address my own racial identity as a half white and half Filipino person living in America with no connection to my cultural heritage.

The narrative of the game follows a character named Hewitt as they travel to a hospital after a major war to try to find information that faded from public knowledge in the recent past. In doing so, they meet the three residents of the hospital and, with varying levels of realization, they are all Frankenstiens, creatures made from the body parts of other people. This demo seeks to establish the characters and setting, allowing the player to explore at their own pace and become familiar with the gameplay elements.

Nigredo seeks to reinterpret the Filipino American experience using Frankenstiens as a metaphor for our lives, a group of people whose identity was entirely shaped by the public majority in the early 1900s as a colonized people. 100 years later, conditions have not improved and instead we are an invisible minority, even as the second largest Asian American group. There is little to no wider public representation of Filipino in America and Nigredo aims to examine that and the generational trauma that comes with this marginalized experience.

Nigredo was created with an essay about it's demo and development which is also available through the download package on


[ Z ] or [ SPACE ] - interact with environment

[ X ] - open menu

Arrow Keys - Move the Character

"Bubbles" indicate intractable objects

If you do not know what to do next, the "Hint" option in the menu will remind you of your objective.

This demo takes between 15-25 minutes to complete, depending on how thorough you wish to be.

Download available for Windows and Mac.