Games Released in 2016


December 25, 2016

Made for Flatgame Annual 2016, in just a couple of hours.

I woke up from a nightmare Christmas Day.

There is no interaction besides the down arrow, all assets were hand drawn on notebook and post-it notes.

Playable online.


Original Diner Do Not Steal

Originally designed as a sound project, instead became a short visual novel about my friend's original characters and the particular eating habits that each of them have. Music, art, and writing was done by me.

Controls are with the mouse.

Original Characters from myself,  Alex PerkinsCamille RollapoidKam White, and Jordan Hamann.

Download available for Windows and Mac.


Lion the Cat Wizard

Made for GameBoy Jam 2016.

Follows the adventure of a little cat wizard named Lion as he sets out to defeat the dog wizard, Canis Magicae. He has to collect cat power from cats in various areas around his home to be able to stand up against her.

Controls are actually clicking on the game boy screen as it was built in a visual novel maker. All music and art is original.

Download available for Windows and Mac.



Made for a class project, creating a self portrait without creating classic portraiture. Based off of the idea that a person's personal living space can describe a person as much as their interactions with the world can. A short adventure of a walk through my old apartment and roommates. The building's address started with 217, giving the game it's name.

Controls are with the arrow keys. 

Download only available for Mac.



Final project for a game class, the theme was to create a game with the theme of "Solitude."

Explore a broken down factory as as a small robot and find body parts to increase your mobility so that you can escape.

Controls are with the arrow keys.

Download only available for Mac.